Transmission Maintenance

Our auto repair shop – Spikes Auto Care & Tire, has been offering high quality services since . We provide the residents of Mt Airy, MD with transmission repair and maintenance, as well as other types of auto repair, in a fast and efficient manner. We also do oil changes, wheel alignments and general vehicle checkups.

Don’t wait until you hear the strange noises coming from your transmission system, transmission fluids leaks appear or you experience delays when you shift gears. Call Spikes Auto Care & Tire before the need for auto repair arises. At our Mt Airy, MD shop, we can successfully perform much needed auto maintenance, at fair prices.

Transmission maintenance consists of the checking and changing of the transmission fluid on a regular basis. At our auto repair shop, we recommend that fluid and filter are changed every 15,000 miles of severe use. Severe use is over 50% use in heavy city traffic with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The fluid should also be changed whenever there is contamination or oxidization. Transmission fluid change should only be done by an experienced auto mechanic.

To maintain a transmission system is a more difficult task than changing the engine oil, but every auto mechanic we have on our team can cope with it perfectly well. They will lift your car on a hoist and drop the pan, so that the fluid can pour out. Then, they will inspect the fluid and the pan for contaminants. After that, they will change the filter, replace the pan, and add the fluid to the proper level.

Our mechanics have an excellent knowledge of the transmission system and the proper tools, as well as equipment. They pay attention to every detail and are able to detect potential hazards. In addition to offering great services, we also charge extremely reasonable prices.

Maintaining your transmission system is an important part of auto maintenance. This is why you have to make sure it is properly done, by taking advantage of our outstanding services. Call us today at (301) 829-5046 to arrange an appointment.