Don’t gamble with an amateur! Visit our brake shop!

When you push down on the brake pedal do you hear a strange scraping noise? Have you been to a brake shop in Mt Airy, MD lately? That you hear it’s most probably a metal sound. If there is an issue with your brake pads, and particularly when they are worn, the pedal will go further down when you press it. When this happens you should be very careful; because you may be putting your life and the life of the people in the car in risk. Just contact Spikes Auto Care & Tire if you’re looking to hire an experienced mechanic to handle the issue. If you don’t bring your truck or car to our brake shop it may be too late. When you’re driving without correctly operating brakes you’re running a risk of losing your life.

Our professionals take pride in our advisability and client care service when it comes to auto services. Your engine is as valuable as your brakes, so why should you risk your life having a faulty motor? We offer our clients cost-effective brake maintenance and repair services when they need it. Bringing your vehicle to us means you can be assured that nothing will happen for years to come. We will explore your car, and if we find that something’s going wrong inside it, our mechanics will inform you immediately of the issue. Whether to repair or not, the decision is completely yours. You’ll have to know that the sooner you take care of the issue, the lower will be the risk of an accident.

The most common problem with transmission systems is the clutch. More often than not the clutch breaks quickly and a faulty transmission is also a call for service. But that’s is not a problem for our highly competent team of auto mechanics, and they will provide you a high quality clutch repair service in our brake shop. Let Spikes Auto Care & Tire in Mt Airy, MD earns your trust by calling us at (301) 829-5046. Take advantage of our affordable services that are guaranteed and we promise you won’t be frustrated.